1. Solite says

    Hi! I really love your videos and recipes. May I ask if you can make a vegan version for this recipe? They look delicious 😊 Thank you so much ❤️

  2. safiniaan ks says

    Oh you had studied in germany? Can you pleeaase make a german video one day?
    And I see it like you, eating dinner with the whole family is the best part of my day

  3. PinkeeLee says

    gosh, helen, i remember those days when you were a young student in germany and i thought you were very courageous going to school in a foreign country speaking a foreign language. you have really come a long ways and are so confident, sophisticated and comfortable in front of millions of people. (and i can just imagine you giggling reading this behind your hand covering your mouth in surprise). anyway, i am so proud of you for being so successful and presenting yourself and family and people in such a wonderful way.

  4. slurpsalt says

    My mom knows you (Cam Huyen Thị Ngo) and by the way I saw you on tv!

  5. Dragon Wolf says

    Im left confused. Where is the actual recipe without talking about..other stuff?

  6. William Lawrance says

    This channel has only few likes now

  7. Javay Fraser says

    I really love this video! Food and language are my two favorite things in the world. Honestly, I started trying to learn about explore Vietnamese cuisine myself because of your videos. Please never stop being as awesome as you are, your videos and cooking skill are about 80% of the reason I even use Youtube in the first place. 💚💚💚✌👌 I hope I can be good as you one day.

  8. Karen Weathersby says

    I am glad I found another soul sister that feel how I feel about food

  9. Roger Chern says

    I love this video! I'm trying to learn VNese and follow your recipes 😊 Keep going, Helen! Chúc may mắn! 😁😍

  10. Hoa Nguyen says


  11. Doodah Gurl says

    Great recipe, Helen. I feared you were not going to provide the recipe since you did this in Vietnamese (or that you'd only leave the recipe in Vietnamese! Hahaha). Loved listening to you in Vietnamese as it helps me a bit on remembering it. Great video!

  12. vykusiEclectic says

    It's nice to hear you speak Vietnamese, such a cool sounding language.

  13. Xuan Mai says

    Häfele có phải là cách viết tiếng Đức của Helen không?

  14. opwave79 says

    Looks so pretty and delicious!

  15. bacon says

    So proud of you!

  16. midei says

    I’m going to Vietnam in three months. I can’t wait to try all those delicious foods I see in your channel. Thank you!

  17. Kim July says


  18. Arya's Collections says

    Wow! Món xôi trông hấp dẫn quá!

  19. hong le says

    cam on Helen rat vui khi hom nay con huong dan nau xoi san man bang tieng viet ,chuc con nhieu suc khoe va that thanh cong .

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